Direct replacement spiders

4-vane mounts

3-vane mounts

Curved mounts

Cassegrain mounts

Flocked Light Trap Mat'l

Hi-tack flocked light trap

FlockBoard flocked light trap


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Information we collect from you is never shared with third parties. Your e-mail address and other personal information is used only to communicate to you about your order.

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Given how online merchandising is commonly done, you should be concerned about how your personal information is used. Our website does not permit outside parties (Google, Facebook, DoubleClick, etc) to track your shopping behavior, or set tracking cookies on your computer. Javascript and session cookies are limited to the functionality requirements of the shopping cart only. Your shopping and purchasing history is not tracked by any outside company for any purpose.

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We do not store your credit card information beyond a few weeks of your order being placed. We strictly adhere to the Data Security Standards (DSS) developed by the Payment Card Industry.

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Self-promotional mailings (i.e., our own advertising and catalogs) will not be mailed to you unless we obtain your permission in advance. You must "check a box" on an order form, or otherwise make a specific request for such materials to be sent to you. In rare instances we may need to contact past customers to inform them of important product updates.

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